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Cantus Ansambl to open the 6th Days of Milko Kelemen in Slatina with a special concert

The Cantus Ensemble, conducted by the art director Berislav Šipuš, is to open the Days of Milko Kelemen at the Slatina Public University on the 6th of October 2022. It is a program that connects and contrasts the music of this master and new music hopes. The concert is set to begin at 7.30 PM, while the sopranists Barbara and Stefani Pijetlović are set to perform alongside the Cantus Ensemble.

Days of Milko Kelemen are to be held in the composer’s birth town for the 28th time, where Cantus shall include a composition by this vanguardist, explorer, writer, and founder of the Music Biennale Zagreb. In Kelemen’s opus, one can observe all the crucial directions of the development of Croatian music in the second half of the 20th century. The 1976 composition entitled Rontondo is to be presented for the wind trio.

Before it, the Cantus Ensemble is set to premiere three brand new compositions by three young composers who have recently graduated composition at the Music Academy from the University of Zagreb:

Linda Uran wrote her piece Time Agent for the voice and ensemble inspired by “human transience”, based on her own work, and co-authored with Juraj Luka Omazić. It conveys “the human life span as a natural and cyclical occurrence through surreal imagery, while death, as well as birth, is taken as a certain magnum opus.” Through various music atmospheres, the author depicts imagery from different stages in an individual’s life. The central one utilizes atonality for the encounter between the individual and the time agent. The work also contains “catharses delivered via tonality, all the while flirting with minimalism.”

Les roses de Saadi – Saadi’s Roses by Dora Remenar is a composition based on the 19th-century poem by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore. The composer suggests: “The theme of the poem is borrowed from the Golestan poet Saadi Shīrāz as one of the most prominent pieces of medieval Persian literature. Les roses de Saadi is a classic example of the intertwined oriental influences on love poetry, which is reflected also in the very sound of the composition.

This is the second composition Helena Skljarov dedicates to the Cantus Ensemble (the first one was Solo, premiered at the 2021 MBZ). The new piece Humans. Beasts was made for four string and four wind instruments, in which she tackles “the transformation of humans into beasts with the help of sound”. The composer sonically observes the emotional states of humans, ranging from those mild ones to “the points of ceasing to be human.” She announces elements of musical theatre, as well as “the realization which of the players turns out to be a beast.”


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