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Cantus Ensemble will perform in Slavonski Brod on February 27th

After the third concert of the current season in Zagreb, the Cantus Ensemble announces a performance in Slavonski Brod on February 27. The concert conducted by Ivan Josip Skender, will be held at the "Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić" Hall, starting at 19:30. Admission to the concert is free. The ensemble that celebrated its 20th birthday last year, brings two completely new compositions to Slavonski Brod as well as a slightly older, well-received one in a new attire.
Shortly after the premiere in Ljubljana, in December 2021, Cantus will again perform the work of Croatian composer living and working in Israel, Ivana Kiš, a composition Slovenian critics praised for its excellent orchestration, describing it as "exceptional". The work of composer and conductor Berislav Šipuš, founder of the Cantus Ensemble, is also less than a year old. The composition Four Songs of Remembrance from 2021, musically represents the inscribed memory of four people responsible for the founding and continuity of Osor Music Evenings, the festival which commissioned the composition in the first place and saw its premiere last summer. Šipuš also writes that in his composition, dedicated to Zlatko Stahuljak, Daniel Marušić, Matilda Marušić and Zvonko Spajić, "musical language (...) strives to reconcile free atonality, modes as well as extended tonality, musical theater - and group improvisation based on a mantra of sorts."
The ballet Air by Krešimir Seletković, a native of Slavonski Brod, composer and professor at the Music Academy in Zagreb, was premiered with notable success at the Music Biennale Zagreb 2011, at the Croatian National Theater, choreographed by Martin Müller. It was also awarded the Croatian Association of Dramatic Artists Annual Award for 2011, in the category of the best ballet performance. For this occasion, Air will be deprived of (dance) movement, because the Cantus Ensemble will perform the Ballet Suite, an adapted version of Seletković's ballet music from 2016. However, the movement remains embedded in the music because "there is almost no movement without sound or sound without movement", Seletković wrote in 2011 about his work, he also added: "Air is a mirror. A mirror of spirit and soul. The human spirit is deprived of being able to see its physical reflection in it. But it can be felt. It is possible to view this as a means of protection for a human being. Because the reflection of the spirit in the mirror is imagination. (…) Do we feel the sound? Or movement? Or both? Is it recorded in time? Does it stop time? Signs of stopped time exist as a reminder. Of the senses. And as such will continue to transmit it. Movement and sound. As long as time exists... "
Due to the epidemiological situation, entry to the concert is possible upon presentation of an EU covid certificate or a valid antigen / PCR test.​
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