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CA 20 za 20: #3 - Danijel Martinović performs Two Reminiscences by Antun Tomislav Šaban

The next premiere in the Cantus Ensemble's 20 for 20 cycle is scheduled for Thursday, May 20 at 8pm! Clarinetist Danijel Martinović will perform Two Reminiscences by Antun Tomislav Šaban. You can follow his performance on the Croatian Composers' Society's YouTube channel.


Danijel Martinović

Since the founding of the ensemble, Danijel Martinović has been the heart of the core of Cantus' wind quintet and the ensemble's backbone in many situations. Danijel is also a longtime member of the Opera of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. Looking back on two decades of rich experience in discovering and performing new music and thinking about the leading role played by the Cantus Ensemble on the Croatian music scene, Danijel points out that an important lession he learned is that “we must never take for granted either a single piece or a composer... surprises are always possible and frequent.” The relationship between the author and the performer is crucial for a successful performance, as well as for the life of an individual composition, and meeting a satisfied composer after the performance is the best award and one of the most beautiful experiences in the demanding and exciting work in an ensemble. Honest and successful relationship between the composer and the performer was also in play in the creation of the composition that Danijel Martinović presents in the cycle 20 for 20: Two Reminiscences by Antun Tomislav Šaban.

Antun Tomislav Šaban

The long-standing friendship between composer and former clarinetist Antun Tomislav Šaban and clarinetist Radovan Cavallin was not only a stimulus for Šaban's entry into the world of composition at the age of 17, but also an inspiration for the later creation of several of his works for this instrument. He wrote his Two Reminiscences for clarinet 30 years after his first compositions for clarinet and piano, Elegie and Rondo and they reminisce this original enthusiasm and the music with which he moved from the clarinet to the world of composition. “Just as Elegy and Rondo were a hit among clarinet students in the late 1980s, Two Reminiscences (or memories of Elegy and Rondo) have been a favorite among professional clarinetists in recent years”, says Šaban. Radovan Cavallin recorded the Reminiscences for a CD, French clarinetist Linda Amrani performed them at the Shanghai New Music Week festival, and Danijel Martinović at a gala concert on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Cantus Ensemble in April this year. This concert was held at the Croatian Music Institute, where all the recordings from the 20 for 20 cycle were recorded as well, which aims to emphasize the fact that the Croatian Music Institute has been the new home of the Cantus Ensemble since last year.
Watch Danijel's performance on Thursday, May, 20 at 8 PM:

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