Dear friends of music, lovers of new music and loyal followers of the Cantus Ensemble...

This year when we, as the rest of the world, are in the thick of the epidemic of the ominous COVID–19 virus, the year Zagreb was hit by the strongest earthquake in its history, the year full of many overwhelming issues that weigh heavily on our society and our lives, the Cantus Ensemble nevertheless decided to start a new season of concerts with new programs and new surprises.
In spite of everything, this ongoing, arduous 2020 will nonetheless bring to the Cantus Ensemble, new music and to you, dear audience, some events and projects that may also make it a year of beautiful events, surprises and hope, as it does not need to be remembered only as a time of fear and uncertainty...
It is our sincere hope that the Cantus Ensemble has finally found, after years of occupying different venues in our Zagreb, its home!
The Croatian Music Institute, which has suffered extensive damages in the earthquake that hit the city on 22 March of this year, has taken our Ensemble under its wing and has invited us to become the resident ensemble of this Croatian historic temple of music. This is an event worth euphoria, gratitude and joy for the Cantus Ensemble and the Croatian Composers’ Society, which has for the past 20 years earnestly and persistently supported the only Croatian ensemble that systematically performs new music and contemporary music of Croatian composers. This is also an opportunity to start a concert season that might be regarded as the season of novelties  exciting and challenging, unusual and strong.
With the continuing patronage of the City of Zagreb, great support of the Ministry of Culture and unceasingly strong and friendly help of our foreign partners, embassies and cultural institutes, our ensemble will realize the season in the Grand Hall of the Croatian Music Institute. The season will include five concerts and many first performances of the youngest generation of Croatian composers, some of whom are still students, but we will also be remembering numerous great Croatian composers who have left their mark on the history of the Croatian Composers’ Society, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary – all of those who have introduced into our musical lives something new, contemporary, unusual, exciting, challenging and unforgettable...
The Cantus Ensemble is also marking the 20th anniversary of its very first concert held at the Music Biennale Zagreb in 2001. Our ensemble will once again perform at the Biennale, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and remind both you and us why it is important to have a Cantus Ensemble, to have a Biennale, to have and listen to new music, to have the Croatian Composers’ Society...
During this celebratory season, our concerts will be a gift to you, our devout audience, and to “all of those yet to become!” our audience. All the proceeds from our performances will be donated to the fund for reconstruction of massive damages to our new home, the Croatian Music Institute.
The Cantus Ensemble, the Croatian Composers’ Society and the Croatian Music Institute therefore invite you to come to hear and watch us, to be curious and brave, in this “new normal.” Support us, musicians, support music, even if it is new music, and join us in becoming a part of those still tirelessly threading toward new horizons, toward the unknown...
Berislav Šipuš, artistic director of the Cantus Ensemble


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