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A conversation with the composer: Boris Jakopović

The second concert entitled SOLO-TUTTI in the Cantus Ensemble cycle is scheduled to take place at the Small Hall of the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Venue on Saturday, 17 December 2022, starting at 8 PM

Alongside performing numerous compositions, Cantus Ensemble will perform Boris Jakopović's new piece Stage Dimmed. Days prior to the performance, the composer reveals the new composition details and reflects on his studies in Ukraine.



A conversation with the composer: Danijel Legin

Tea Kulaš, a soloist, is to debut a brand new piece for the organ solo at the forthcoming Cantus Ensemble concert on 17 December 2022.

It was composed by the youngest author in the program, Danijel Legin, a composer, pedagogue, also the winner of the Stjepan Šulek award, Rudolf and Margita Matz scholarship, and many other grants and commissions; an author who is also engaged in sheet music publishing.


Cantus Ensemble again in Lisinski on 17 December

The second Cantus Ensemble concert, SOLO-TUTTI, is to take place on Saturday, 17 December 2022, in the Small Hall of Vatroslav Lisinski, starting at 8 PM.

Conducted by Berislav Šipuš, Cantus Ensemble will deliver three compositions of Croatian authors, of which two are to be first performances, as well as two pieces by foreign authors.


Cantus Ansambl to open the 6th Days of Milko Kelemen in Slatina with a special concert

The Cantus Ensemble, conducted by the art director Berislav Šipuš, is to open the Days of Milko Kelemen at the Slatina Public University on the 6th of October 2022. It is a program that connects and contrasts the music of this master and new music hopes. The concert is set to begin at 7.30 PM, while the sopranists Barbara and Stefani Pijetlović are set to perform alongside the Cantus Ensemble.


Cantus Ensambl is visiting Omišlj on Krk on July 20

This summer, in the third decade of the Cantus Ensemble's work and its continuous dedication to contemporary sound, the Ensemble brings New Music to an old location. More precisely, to the archaeological site of Fulfinum Mirine near Omišalj on the island of Krk on July 20, 2022.


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