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Concert Portrait: Ivan Fedele

In the coproduction of the 30th festival Music Biennale Zagreb, Cantus Ensemble and Icarus Ensemble in April 2019, as part of the concert cycle Cantus@Lauba and the 30th Music Biennale Zagreb, performed the Concert Portrait of the composer Ivan Fedele.

MBZ guest composer, which was part of the MBZ festival not just with his compositions, but also as a lecturer in the MBZ platform for students - KLAPPING, introduced himself and his work to the audience in the artist talk, which was moderated by the composer, musicologist and member of the 30th MBZ program committee Tomislav Oliver.

The peak of the project is Fedele's new composition Ex-Tension II, which was commissioned by Cantus and Icarus Ensembles and MBZ.


Both ensembles will perform Fedele project through 2019 until 2021 at the festivals in Italy, China, US etc.

More about the program on the link.
IVAN FEDELE – Portrait Concert 
Cantus & Icarus Ensemble
Coproduction Music Biennale Zagreb, Cantus Ensemble and Icarus Ensemble
Portrait Concert Program
Archipelago Möbius (2004) for clarinet in Bb, violin, cello and double bass 
Ex-Tension II (commission by Music Biennale Zagreb - Cantus Ensemble - Icarus Ensemble) for piano, percussion and ensemble 
Immagini da Escher (2005) for ensemble 
 “Mathematics is not only the “exact science”, the language through which man has deciphered and interpreted the principles that govern the world. Mathematics is a form of poetics, it is an “artistic” discipline that is in no way as rigid as it is commonly believed to be, quite the contrary. The proof of this can be found in those arts, like music, in which mathematics not only offers a basic support but also provides a source of poetic inspiration. It supplies both form and content. 
This program focuses on compositions in which mathematics, geometry and abstract-representative inspiration in general provide the starting point but also the center of interest. In Arcipelago Möbius and Immagini da Escher (directly derived from the previous composition) the three-dimensionality of the Möbius strip, the precursor of the optical illusion that we find in the works of Escher, is the model for a series of acoustic illusions explored by each movement of the composition.
In Ex-Tension II, on the other hand, the fundamental concept is the opposition of dual entities (pairs of instruments and groups of instruments, stereophonic contrasts, alternation of timbres). 
Dimensions that, in a different manner, are also exploited in Mudrā, where the materials are guided by a hyperactive and additive principal as opposed to the dialectic of transformation and evolution that can clearly be perceived in Ex-Tension II.” 
Ivan Fedele
Ivan Fedele (Lecce, 1953) studied piano with B. Canino, V. Vitale and I. Deckers, and composition under the guidance of R. Dionisi, A. Corghi and F. Donatoni. He owns to his father, a mathematician, the passion for mathematics, as it becomes evident in his compositional researches, including the examination and use of the concept of “spatialisation”, the formulation of a “library” of creative processes and the definition of a prototype of “granular synthesizer”. 
Ivan Fedele’s catalogue, edited by Suvini Zerboni, consists of about a hundred titles, to which one should add the opera Antigone, which has been awarded the XXVII “Abbiati” Prize of the Italian Music Critics Association for the “best new work of 2007”. 
In addition to a large body of chamber music, he has also written works for orchestra alone or with concertante instrument, as well as vocal-orchestral pieces. He has collaborated with Boulez, Eschenbach, Chung, Saalonen, Muti, Pappano, Slatkin, Robertson, Kalitze, Wit, Valade and Rophé, among others, and his music has been performed by various orchestras and ensembles, like for instance: BBC, Berlin Radio, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart SWR, National de France, National de Lyon, Warsaw Symphony Orchestra, RAI National Symphony Orchestra, Santa Cecilia, Ensemble InterContemporain, London Sinfonietta, Klangforum Wien, etc.
Ivan Fedele carries also an intense academic activity (Harvard University, University of Barcelona, Sorbonne and IRCAM in Paris, Sibelius Academy of Helsinki, Chopin Academy of Warsaw, Centre Acanthes in Avignon, CNSM in Lyon and CNR of Strasbourg as well as Italian Conservatoires, namely Milan, Bologna and Turin). 
In 2005 Fedele has been appointed Member of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome. From 2009 to 2011 he has been the Artistic Director of the Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali of Milan. He is appointed Director of the Music section of the Venice Biennale for the five-year period 2012-2016, and has been reappointed until 2019. In 2016, the Fondation de France awarded him the Prix International "Arthur Honegger", for all of his work.





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