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During almost twenty years contemporary music in Croatia lives through the activities of the Cantus Ensemble, which is Croatia’s finest ensemble that specializes in contemporary classical music. It was founded in 2001 in order to explore, discover and present new and hitherto unexplored spheres of New Music. 
The Ensemble has become an important and indispensable figure at the Croatian music scene, and from 2006 it has hosted its own concert cycle. In 2008, it became the official ensemble of the World Music Days of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) held in Vilnius, after which their international performances have increased significantly. 
Approximately 130 first performances, over 500 performed pieces and more than 50 international performances (in most of European countries as well as in Mexico, Canada and China), together with collaborations with numerous prominent soloists and conductors attest to the importance of the Cantus Ensemble on national and international scene. They collaborate with a number of eminent contemporary music ensembles, and have also participated in international projects supported by the Culture Council of the EU such as Re: New Music and New Music: New Audiences.
One of the major components of this Ensemble’s activities are their guest performances at the leading festivals of contemporary music. In 2016 they selected for their triple CD live recordings of their performances throughout Croatia and abroad, thus emphasizing the importance of the moment in the process of creating a contemporary music piece.


Cantus Ansambl 18th March continues to tell it's "neverending story"

"Neverending Story" is the title of the next concert that the Cantus Ensemble announces for Monday, March 18 at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, starting at 8 p.m. - and the story is exciting and unexpected, which is worth listening to.

Homemade is the best – at the lastest concert by cantus ensemble

Prepare for a new musical surprise at the latest concert by Cantus Ensemble – an ensemble that consistently delivers the unexpected and fresh. On Monday, February 5, Cantus Ensemble and Ivan Josip Skender will welcome you at Lisinski Hall.

“Homemade is the best when played solo-tutti”, says Cantus Ensemble

Cantus Ensemble's latest concert season continues with their first concert in 2024 set for Monday, February 5, 8 pm, at the Small Hall of the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall. As the concert’s titles and subtitles suggest: “Homemade is the bes...

Music Marathon by Berislav Šipuš - With a Little Help from My Friends

Šezdeset i pet godina dug svoj životni i umjetnički “maraton” Berislav Šipuš odlučio je obilježiti drugim koncertom u sezoni Cantus Ansambla znakovita naslova Marathon – With a Little Help from My Friends, posvećujući ga nekolicini svojih vi&s...

Cantus Ensemble opens the new season on October 9th with a concert at Lisinski Hall

With the beginning of the new season, Cantus Ensambl, our most prominent ensemble for contemporary music, opens an exciting musical autumn filled with numerous concerts and guest appearances.

The rich and challenging season of the Cantus Ensemble invites you to try "Something completely different" from autumn

Summer heat alternates with storms, nature reveals itself in all its capriciousness, and the Cantus Ensemble is already thinking about autumn!     

Intense Season of Cantus Ensemble

The past season of the Cantus Ensemble was highly intensive and gave rise to numerous new collaborations and plans that will come to fruition in the coming years. It all began with the regular performance at the Milko Kelemen Days in Slatina, where an intriguing program featuring works b...

Cantus Ensemble to present a concert titled COLLISIONS on February 13 at Lisinski

The third concert of the Cantus Ensemble cycle, also the first one this year, will take place on Monday, February 13, 2023 at 8:00 p.m., in the Small Hall of the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall. The COLLISIONS concert, led by Ivan Josip Skender, will showcase three works by notable conte...

Canadian Turning Point ensemble to perform as guests at the last concert of the Cantus Ensemble cycle!

The final concert of the Cantus Ensemble season will be performed by their long-time collaborators, the renowned Canadian ensemble Turning Point from Vancouver, Canada. Counterparts Turning Point and Cantus were founded around the same time in the early 2000s, and we have been keeping tr...

24.01.2023 NEW NOTE – 12th international composition competition Croatia 2023 and Petrit Čeku – organized by the Samobor Festiva

The Samobor Festival has announced the invitation to the 12th international composition competition NEW NOTE – Croatia 2023.  
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